System76 Introduces Ultraportable Laptops with Intel Core Ultra Processors

System76 Introduces Ultraportable Laptops with Intel Core Ultra Processors

Lemur Pro releases today with a series of impressive upgrades

Denver — System76, the premier Linux computer manufacturer, is devoted to engineering machines that serve as catalysts for discovery and innovation. Today, System76 announces major updates to their line of Ultraportable Laptops, including the featherweight Lemur Pro that is releasing today. Now equipped with Intel Core Ultra (Series 1) processors, these laptops are the driving force behind a new campaign, “Purpose Unfolds” , which celebrates users who dedicate themselves to uncovering new advancements in the mysteries of Earth, space, and cyberspace.

A later addition to the new laptop line is an upgraded Darter Pro with an Intel Ultra Core 7 H-class processor, serving researchers, developers, and systems engineers with the means to master their passions at home and around the world


Loving what you do starts at the senses. The Lemur Pro and Pangolin each have a colorful display with 100% sRGB color range. Upgraded screen real estate makes multitasking easier; the Pangolin expanded to a 16” display size, while the new Lemur Pro moves to a 16:10 aspect ratio. The extra vertical space enhances productivity when working with long bodies of text.

A premium combination of vibrant display, the user-friendly Pop!_OS, and Lemur Pro’s new set of quality speakers are sure to boost morale in the trenches. Furthermore, the Pangolin replenishes dopamine with seamless gaming on the go, thanks to fast, capable integrated Radeon graphics.


System76 ultraportables handle heavy loads without weighing users down. Lightweight, durable magnesium alloy keeps you out and about in the elements. At just 2.2 lbs, the Lemur Pro is lighter than Air, and its compact size accommodates active use on cramped flights and crowded trains. Meanwhile, the 16” Pangolin is light for its size at 3.95lbs.

Battery Life

Workday battery life puts users in control of their schedule. Up to 14 hours on the Lemur Pro and 10 hours on the Pangolin gives users the freedom to push limits on-site, in the field, between classes, and away from it all.


From entry-level to industry leader, System76 empowers users with a list of carefully selected upgrade options so they may choose the right performance for their needs. Compile quickly and process more raw data per second with a fast CPU, high-bandwidth RAM, and high-speed NVMe SSD storage:

Lemur Pro

Intel Ultra Core 5 125U or Ultra Core 7 155U CPU

Up to 56GB of RAM

Up to 8TB of storage


AMD Ryzen 7 7840U CPU

32GB of RAM

Up to 16TB of storage

Darter Pro Coming Soon

A new Darter Pro is coming! The new laptop will round out the Ultraportable line as a high-performance option. It features Intel Core Ultra H-class processing, Arc graphics, and a new design. Stay tuned for more information!

Purpose Unfolds on System76

System76’s user-focused engineering makes the Denver company stand out as an excellent choice for people looking to learn as much as they can about the things they love most. Committed to creating a fast, enjoyable experience for people who love what they do — researching the early universe, automating produce farming, and upkeeping the world’s server infrastructure — System76 will be unveiling a compelling campaign inspiring these users to use the tool for unearthing the mysteries of the world, space, and cyberspace.

About System76

Since 2005, System76 is on a mission to provide premium Linux hardware for STEM professionals, gamers, and everyday users. Engineering laptops, desktops, servers, keyboards, and Pop!_OS, as well as endeavoring to manufacture in the US, System76 is a staunch advocate for open source and the user’s right to repair.

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