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Hello fellow space travelers! It’s been a while since we catalogued all of our goings on here on Starship Pop!_OS, so we thought it might be a good time to highlight what our upstream contributions have looked like over the last couple of years. We’ve been logging some major light years! Have a look.



Keyboards Settings Panel and Keyboard Shortcuts

We worked in the GNOME design team to modernize and improve the GNOME Settings keyboard panel and shortcuts and engineered the new designs that ship today.



Laptop Battery Thresholds

This one is a work-in-progress that started a year ago. We’re seeing some recent movement happening here, so hopefully we can get this one in soon.

GNOME Settings General and Responsiveness

We think Settings are an important window into the capabilities and options of an OS experience. As such, we tend to spend a lot of time helping to improve the Settings experience on GNOME. And with Pop!_OS auto-tiling, responsiveness is important to us as well. Our QA team tests every panel for responsiveness and we provide patches to enable or fix issues as they arise.

Contributions to other GNOME Projects

GNOME Disk Utility 

Nvidia Optimus Application Launching

Gnome Shell



gtk-rs - Largest contribution was working on a few things to make subclassing easier. Otherwise, random fixes and additions: 

Open Firmware

  • Collaboration with Intel and AMD to enable their platforms in open firmware



System76 has ported a wide variety of our laptops to coreboot and upstreamed the majority of these changes. Below is a list of changes that improve coreboot for all vendors.

Improvements for CometLake CPUs

Add support for PCIe hot plug

Add driver for TI smart amplifier

Update Intel Microcode

Fix SMMSTORE clear command

Improvements for TigerLake CPUs

Enabled TigerLake-H CPUs (many changes in one topic)

In the process of adding generic NVIDIA hybrid graphics support

Enable flashrom on TGL-H chipsets

Many more changes made by System76 can be seen here, there are five pages, so make sure to view them all:


Nvidia Testing Collaboration

We’ve established a new testing relationship brought on by the recent GSync regression. We’ll now be testing pre-release nvidia drivers in the QA lab across a wide variety of hardware to catch regressions and bugs prior to release to the Linux community

Elementary App Center



Additional Upstream Collaboration

Rust Community


Rust crates where we are the upstream

Linux Kernel


System76 ACPI driver for coreboot-based systems

Audio quirks for several Clevo boards

System76 Projects as Upstream

All in all it’s been a couple busy trips around the sun! Thanks for joining us on this journey throughout our productivity, and keep your view screens on for our upcoming contributions!

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