Scale quickly with new Starling Arm-Based Ampere Servers

Linux computer manufacturer System76 announces the arrival of the Starling Arm-based Ampere Server powered by the Ampere® Altra® family of processors.

From ambitious starts to global expansion, Starling Arm-based Ampere Servers make scalability accessible, balancing high performance, low price per core, and low power consumption. These servers are configurable with:

  • Up to 128 CPU cores
  • 8 Channel DDR4 RAM (3200MHz)
  • Up to 4 GPUs

Ampere® Altra® family of processors punch well above their price tag, offering significantly better performance per dollar than Intel, according to Ampere. System76 themselves have been pleased with their experience on Ampere.

“We migrated our Pop!_OS Arm build server to a variant of the Ampere® Altra® processor,” remarks Jeremy Soller, the Principal Engineer at System76, “and it finishes builds faster than our x86 build server with similar specs, while using less power overall.”

One-third of the power, says Ampere, with three times more compute.

That kind of low-cost, high-performance yield is nothing to sneeze at. Starling Arm-based Ampere Servers give small- to medium-sized companies the means to take on larger competitors, opening up budgets to more cores per server, more servers per approved budget, and a lower utility bill as the profit-saving cherry on top.

“System76 is a talented team that we have been working with to arm the open-source community and commercial software developers.” says Joe Speed, Head of Edge at Ampere, adding, “Ampere is used in the development of Linux, Kubernetes, FFmpeg, and other key software, so System76 customers are in good company.”

More compute in less space and using less power means faster software builds, cheaper AI inference, and more data processed in less time.

Anyone using Arm processors to make products such as EVs and autonomous vehicles can improve DevOps CI/CD activity with the Starling Arm-based Ampere Server. Developing software on the same architecture as the final product speeds software testing, delivery for improved software quality and a better customer experience.

Available June 6th, Starling Arm-based Ampere Servers join System76’s line of servers which includes Eland EPYC Servers, Jackal XEON Servers, and Ibex GPU Servers. Interested parties can request a quote at:

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